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There are many contributing factors to flag wear; wind, rain and sun to name a few. Compounding these factors is the unawareness of how to react to these conditions.

Displaying the U.S. flag

It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open, but it should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement. The flag may be displayed at night upon special occasions when it is desired to produce a patriotic effect. If the flag is displayed at night, it should be illuminated.

Always hoist the flag briskly. Lower it ceremoniously.

When flown at half staff, first raise to the peak, then lower to half staff position. Before lowering the flag for the day, raise it again to the peak, then lower.

If the flag becomes wet or damp, spread out the flag until completely dry. Do not fold or roll up the flag when damp.

The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning, privately.

Never in any way should any disrespect be shown the flag of the United States of America.

The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institution flags are dipped as a mark of honor.

The flag should never be displayed with the union down except as a signal of dire distress. The flag should never touch anything beneath it – ground, floors, water or merchandise.

Never use the flag as drapery, festooned, drawn back, nor up in folds, but always allowed to fall free. For draping platforms and decoration in general, use blue, white and red bunting. Always arrange it with blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below.

Never use a flag as a covering or drape for a ceiling.

The flag should never have anything placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture or drawing of any nature. It is proper to use gold fringe as a decoration for an indoor or parade flag.

How to display the U.S. flag

1. When the flag of the United States is displayed at public meeting (church ceremony, political gathering, lecture, etc.) it should be displayed either flat on the wall behind those running the gathering or, if on a pole, to their right. Other flags should be to the left of the United States flag (i.e., observer’s right).
2. When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. The flag of the United States is on its own right (i.e., observer’s left).
When the flag of the United States is displayed with flags other than those of foreign nations (for example, city, state, or organizational flags), it must not be smaller than or flown lower than the other flags. They may all be the same size and height, in which case the flag of the United States goes to the observer’s left. If one pole is higher than the others, the flag of the United States must be flown on that pole.
4. When other flags are flown from the same halyard, the flag of the United States should always be at the peak. No foreign national flag should be flown under the US flag. When other flags are flown from adjacent staffs, our national flag should be hoisted first and lowered last.
When carried in procession with another flag or flags, the flag of the United States is carried on the marching right, that is, on its right. If there is a line of other flags, the flag of the United States should be in front of the line, and centered.
6. When displayed with another flag against a wall, with crossed staffs, the flag of the United States is on the right, the flag’s own right, and its staff is in front of the other staff.
7. When the flag is displayed otherwise than on a staff, it should be displayed flat, or suspended so that the folds fall as free as though the flag were on a staff. Whenever displayed flat, against a wall, the union should always be uppermost, and to the flag’s own right.
8. When displayed over the middle of a street the flag should be displayed with the stripes vertical, and the union to the north on a east and west street, or to the east on a north and south street.

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